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Haw to care for pasminas


With proper care, the beautiful pashmina/cashmere shawls, scarves and clothes can offer both pleasure and comfort for many years to come.


Since the cashmere fabric is very delicate and the products are woven by hand, they’re incredibly subtle and can be easily damaged by improper and/or careless handling. Even though pashmina can be hand washed, when it comes to certain products, it is safer to use dry cleaning. Never wash pashmina in a washing machine!


If you entrust the cleaners with your cashmere product, always make them aware that it is a genuine natural cashmere. The instructions for chemical cleaning are included with your item order.


Hand-washing instructions: Wash by hand in cold water using laundry detergent designed for delicate fabrics, ideally for wool. While washing and rinsing, do not rub or wring the fabric. Between each washing step, let the items drip out a bit.


The washed and rinsed items can be also left to drip dry, or you can make them dry a bit faster. Wrap them in a towel and squeeze them out gently. Let the individual pashmina items air dry laying down (do not hang them on a washing line - it’ll make strong washing line “wrinkles”). Gently stretch the items out and smooth out edges for them to keep their original shape. You can also dry them using round pole or hang the sweaters on a “thick” coat hanger.


Gently brushing the fabric in the direction of the fibers will make it softer and fluffy light - recommended, though not required, for sweaters; it’s also possible to gently steam iron it on low temperature setting, the conventional iron will enhance the beauty and sparkle of the fabric - recommended for shawls. Use only very soft brushes for brushing and do not apply force to the fabric.



Hand washing is most appropriate for the thicker - more durable - items - for example silk pashmina, thicker 100 % shawls and sweaters. Do not be afraid of hand washing, pashmina clothing has been worn for hundreds of years when there were no cleaners available.

Chemical cleaning is recommended for the more delicate shawls - for example 100 % summer pashmina and similar products from fine and thin fabrics. Chemical cleaning is also recommended for stain removal, but in that case always consult your cleaners’ staff on whether it is better to clean such stain by using chemical cleaning or by hand washing.


ADVICE: because the fibres are so fine thanks to freezing cold temperatures the goats live in, even your pashimna/cashmere clothing will benefit from letting them freeze from time to time. A single night out in the freezing cold does wonders!


These products don’t wrinkle as much as synthetic fibre clothing, which is why when you’re not actually wearing them - at night e.g. - it’s enough for the shawls and scarves to hang them carefully on a coat hanger and you’ll find them smoothed out nicely in the morning, ready to keep you warm and look beautiful.