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Czech Republic


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General trade terms of our e-shop


These trade terms are applicable to purchases from the internet shop. The General trade terms, as well as the Return policy determine and specify in detail the rights and obligations of both the seller and the buyer. The eshop is operated by Ekvinokcium s.r.o., tax no. CZ27589757, and by Ing. Marcela Kordačová, Olbramovická 705/5, 142 00, Praha 4, the Czech Republic. All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

The abbreviated information


Ordering process
All of the items available in our e-shop are in stock. You don't have to be logged in or registered in our e-shop to be able to order and buy the goods.
It is only possible to buy the items in stock and up to the quantity of the item currently in stock – the quantity can be selected on item page or in roll-down menu. The items made from pashmina / cashmere can also be ordered in different color or cut. Please, do not put this information into your order, send us an e-mail with your requirements instead to confirm the possibilities and terms of fulfilling your order. The item price is listed for each item and only applies to the items in stock. In case of items only available to order, the price currently listed on the item page for the given item applies. Special offer pricing only apply to items currently in stock.
Our registered customers are offered a bonus program. The customer is awarded a permanent discount on all subsequent orders according to the overall price of items ordered to date from our e-shop, in tiers of 3, 5 and 8 percent. The discount only covers the price of the item(s).
The electronic orders (orders placed using our system) take precedence before orders sent by e-mail. In case a customer is present in our shop at the same time an electronic order is placed in our system, the customer in our shop takes precedence.

Payment and item delivery – we accept payments by credit card or by PayPal. Items are sent to the customer without delay, usually on the following working day, once the payment has been processed.
The customer is notified upon shipment by our system and the tracking number of the package is sent to him/her. Our system does not get/send notifications on the state of the delivery of the shipment to the customer, it is up to the customer to monitor the shipment himself/herself. In case of any delivery issues we're of course always happy to assist you. Upon receiving the shipment, the customer is required to inspect the shipment for any damages during the delivery process. In case of such damage, please file a written damages claim at the post office / parcel service and notify us immediately. The delivery of our shipments is covered by insurance and the items are the property of our shop up until the customer formally receives them, so any delivery damages are claimed by

Replacements / returns / warranty claims

The items can be returned or replaced during the period of two weeks upon delivery. The items must be undamaged, unworn, unused, and returned in their original undamaged packaging. A proof of purchase must be sent to us with the item in question – either the original invoice or its copy. Please use appropriate packaging when sending the item back to us so as to avoid any possible damage to the item and further damages of the item packaging. Using the original envelope or box the item was delivered to you in is ideal. Inappropriately packaged items and/or items in damaged packaging are not accepted by us. Please use e-mail to notify us of your item being shipped back to us, unannounced packages are not accepted by us.
Should the item be determined damaged and/or showing signs of wear, the item will be either returned to the customer at his/her own expenses, or it'll be put on sale in our shop and the customer will be sent the amount the item was sold for once the sale takes place. In case of any expenses necessary for the item to be put on sale (e.g. folding, ironing, repackaging), such expenses are deducted from the price of the item. The shop will inform the customer without delay.

Returning the item – the customer sends the item back to the shop at his/her own expense. The item is inspected by the shop and, assuming the item is in appropriate condition, the amount paid is sent to the customer without delay. Please state your bank account number in your refund documents and/or in an e-mail sent to us as a notification of your return. If you are a registered customer, the amount of the refund is deducted from your account in our system, it is not added to your bonus program account.

Replacing the item – the customer sens the item back to the shop at his/her own expense. The item can be replaced with any other item in our shop. First replacement is free. If you are replacing the item with an item of the same value, the new item is sent to you without delay, free of charge. If you are replacing the item with an item of lower value, the new item is again sent to you without delay, free of charge, and the surplus is deposited on your bank account. If you are replacing the item with an item of higher value, the new shipment is sent to you once the price difference has been processed and sent to our bank account.

Warranty terms
The customer sends the item back to the shop at his/her own expense. The item is inspected by the shop upon receiving the returned item. If the return is then considered justified, the customer is either sent the full amount of the value of the item including shipping costs, or a new item is sent to him. Should the customer wish to keep the item, the shop will upon proving of damage and mutual agreement offer the customer a discount of agreed-upon amount. The discount can be either used by the customer retrospectively – we will send the appropriate amount to his bank account – or added to his/her next order.
In case the return is considered unjustified, the item will be sent back to the customer at his/her own expense, or it will be put on sale in our shop – see Replacements / returns / warranty claims.
The items in our shop are covered with a standard warranty period of 24 months. The warranty does not cover items for which the warranty period is over. The warranty also does not cover the regular wear and tear of the item in question and also the damages caused by improper care (e.g. using the washing machine), improper handling or mechanical damages in use.


Return address:
Mrs. Marcela Kordacova
Olbramovická 705/5
142 00 Praha 4
The Czech Republic


Privacy policy and disclaimer

The necessary customer personal data are kept in our systems and will never be released to a third party. Upon placing an order in our e-shop, you can subscribe to our newsletter. This newsletter is sent to you 5 times a year at maximum. The newsletter is only used to notify you about any new items available in our shop or about our current sales and discounts. If you wish to stop receiving our newsletter, you can do so at any times either by sending an e-mail to or by clicking the appropriate link in our newsletter mail. You can also choose to receive the newsletter again at any time.

Customer consent
Upon the customer clicking the “Finish order” link placed under the ordering form in system, the seller considers the customer familiar with these General terms, Warranty terms and FAQ to full extent and thereby accepting them as part of the trade agreement between both parties. The agreement is considered concluded upon accepting the order. Should you have any questions or notes, please do not hesitate to contact us before placing the order.